About Me
I have quite a few interests. Currently, I'm most focused on reading, the gym, and developing as a person (leadership, communication, and productivity skills).

One day, I want to be a leader at a technology company. I recognize that I have a lot to learn before I get there, which is why I am always trying to grow as a person. I believe that it is important to fall in love with the process of personal growth, and that's what I've been doing (thankfully, we're still in our honeymoon phase).

Career aspirations aside, before I'm gone, I want to leave an impact on the world. While I haven't exactly decided how I am going to do it, I know that I can use technology and interpersonal skills to leave this impact. This is why I am majoring in a field that makes it easy to impact a lot of people, computer science.

If you’d like to be a part of my journey, make sure to get in with me.
Non-programming Interests & Work
Outside of programming I am interested in quite a few things:
Creating video projects & music videos
Working with nonprofits
Discovering/listening to music and going to concerts
Drinking too much coffee (large cold brew with light ice, preferably)
Meeting new people and making people laugh