About Me
I am a hardworking entrepreneur and creator with a propensity for leadership and a love of learning. I am extremely ambitious and I try to do everything with purpose. I plan to leave a large impact on the world and I know that I can use technology to do this. This is why I am majoring in computer science. I bring a unique set of skills to the computer science field, as I am extremely social, a frequent public speaker, and love collaboration. If you’d like to come along on my journey, or get in touch with me, make sure to get in with me.
Non-programming Interests & Work
Outside of programming I am interested in quite a few things:
Creating video projects & music videos
Marketing and branding for small businesses
Public speaking and leading teams
Giving back to my community and promoting inclusivity in STEM
Discovering new music and going to concerts
Drinking too much coffee
Meeting new people and learning the stories of strangers
Dressing nicely, and the expression it brings